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Intellectualizer – Getting smart while playing video games

You are anoyed by helping your kids with their homework because they are too stupid themselves. Sometimes you think this can’t be your children, because they are just so dumb. Mindbending has a solution for everything. Intellectualizer is what you need, this product will improve your kids IQ while playing their favorite computer games. Sound incredible it is and soon your kids will explain you something about quantum mechanics.
How does Intellectualizer achieve these fascinating results ?
Images and texts, equations and whatever is worthy to know is mingled subtile in their game, like you probably know the same technique is used for advertisment in TV, e.g. every 25th frame is a coke can and voila people drink coke. Subconsciousness is a great tool to play with.
Now you could say, well but what if you stuff things like your bank account in my childs brain and try to get a millionaire soon. I can asure you Mindbending wouldn’t be so mean, we are the leading company in conditioning software, and we act responsible.
You even can adapt the settings of Intellectualizer wheter you want to train the subconsciousness or if you want your children to learn congnisably. By training both the consciousness and the subconsciousness the results get even more unbelieveable. And the best thing if you just use the subconsciouness mode your children won’t notice any difference with their games and can’t blame you for manipulating them.
So make your kid a Einstein today and buy Intellectualizer and get a free copy of Selfesteemizer.
Mindbending the care company.
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Mindbending software inc. can not be made responsible for any damages of the brain or any other unwanted effects.

Price: $1210.89


Product Reviews

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Ken Parkot: "It seems that my son makes it to university, unbelievable he just attended a public school, that software is the best since Jesus. Thank god !"

Ben Smith (14 years): "Once they called me retarded now it's gifted, and best thing I spell things correctly !"

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