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Mindbending Software Inc.

When it’s in the game, it’s in the brain!

This is no fake, watch the Videos, see the Press Coverage or look at the Screenshots

Mindbending Software Inc. is a company specialized on psychological conditioning software packages for children.
With the newest technologies our products infiltrate the computer games of your kids and mingle various subconscious or conscious conditiong messages and images in the game contents.
The technology can be compared with the subconscious pictures in the TV program, and if you don’t know about them, ask yourself why are you buying all those things you don’t need. You see it works !
Our software uses the same and some other patented methods to condition your kids.
Try it out, if you aren’t satisfied you’ll get your money back !

Benefits of Mindbending products:

  • Your kids will be conditioned while gaming, they sit in front of their computers anyway, so let them become as you want them with some brainwashing.
  • For most Mindbending products it is possible to install them without that your kids realize any difference to their normal gaming experience, so they can’t complain that they are manipulated, they won’t even notice, and no one can blame you.
  • Mindbending products will change the life of your kids and make yours much easier.


  • First screenshots and videos go online, the promo DVD can be ordered now as well
  • 08-02-2005 Mindbending is pleased to annouce that the Vatican licensed our Customizer Engine to produce the Christianizer, they used their own Sound Engine with Gregorian Chorals check the videos and screenshots
  • 26-01-2005 Mindbending will soon release Customizer™, which is a allmost generic conditioning software
  • 12-01-2005 Mindbending scientists developed a 'Holistic Fractal Image Algorithm' which allows to compress high information of data in pictures which decompress in the brain themselves, when the users are sleeping.
  • 01-01-2005 Mindbending Software Inc. starts its success story and opens its shops worldwide.
  • 23-05-2005 Mindbending Research is founded by the former leaders of Suggestive Media
  • ...
Product Reviews

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Nature: Mindbending conditioning software seems to be the quantum jump we as parents waited for ages ...

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