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Your children get fater by the minute, they seem to sit around all day, in front of their computer and don’t move. You don't like fat people you find it unattractive and disgusting, you get aggressive if you look at your kids. Here is the solution, forget diets, install Mobilizer, and they have to move while they play their videogames, otherwise they can’t play them. You don’t think that’s unfair so get your Moobilizer now and get a free copy of Healthylizer with it. This product has been sold over 100.000 copies just in the US. It is based on the same technology as Tranquilizer, basically it's working with the inverse conditioning rules.

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Mindbending software inc. can not be made responsible for any damages of the brain or any other unwanted effects.

Price: $1000.99

Product Reviews

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John Renour (doctor): "We prescribe Mobilizer in our hospital to help overweighted kids, and I heard just amazing stories of my patient's parents"

Amanda Leary: "I know your products are designed for kids, I am something over 40 but as I like to play games with some people over the internet, it worked for me as well, your company should get the nobel prize in each category !!"

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