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Your children are telling you that they want to become an artist or want to work in a zoo, but you want them to become a lawyer or a doctor. These situations can lead to conflicts which can ruin your relationship to your kids.
Therefore install Professionizer on their computer in time, type in which job you want them to have and the software manipulates them while they play their videogames, they are conditioned with subconscious messages and images, so in a few weeks they will come to you and say: “Yes dad, you were right, for my future the best will be to become a lawyer”.

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Product Reviews

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Paul Upright: "My daughter never knew what she should could as a job, she changed her mind every two weeks, thanks to your help, that nightmare is over, she started her training as nurse now."

Ellionore Frederiksen: "I own a big company, and my kids (they are 24 and 28) didn' want to work for me, but now they are happy and I am optimistic that our family buisness will go on."

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