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You see your kids often in front of a mirror and hear them arguing how bad looking they are, specially girls. They are always telling you that they have no friends and that they want to commit suicide. If you are a caring parent, then buy Selfesteemizer now.
This is a special conditioning software which makes your children believe that they are loved and great, even if it’s not true, and again this works all while they play their computer games.
Their subconsciouness is rewritten so that they have the feeling that it is worth living and that they are something special.
So make your kids feel good and give them the illusion of being loved.
Buy Selfesteemizer now and prevent a suicide tomorrow.

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Mindbending software inc. can not be made responsible for any damages of the brain or any other unwanted effects.

Price: $889.99


Product Reviews

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Karen Malovitsch: "My daughter seems to have found a new will to live, and she finally finds friends, I am so happy!"

Dave Gross: "It worked for my two sons, and finally I had a try and guess what, more success with women, seems to be a Sexyilizer too !"

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