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Tranquilizer – The Art of Zen Gaming

Do you have kids, great, kids are great but they have an essential drawback: They are too loud and they are running around too much.
Are your children too loud when they play, do they run around and never hold still ?
Tranquilizer is a conditioning software and relaxation trainer specially developed for hyperactive children. It is a piece of software which aim it is to disturb the audio-visual output of common computer games accordingly to the amount of movement and the degree of loudness of the players.
Imagine a 3D-Shooter like Unreal Tournament played with more people over network, if you have Tranquilizer installed, you have to be a very calm killer, you shouldn’t move or make too much noise because otherwise your display gets more and more disturbed and the 3D content looks then more like a episode of Alice in Wonderland, the 3D world which was once static now floats around you like water. If so, the game gets more difficult to play and in the end it gets unplayable, because you see things not that clear anymore, you see enemies too late and all gets blurred and dizzy. The player which moves the least has the best sight and is likely to win the game.
Tranquilizer forces your kid not too move or shout or even talk with their friends when they play their favorite computer games. Tranquilizer enables them too come too a different state of mind, the perfect relexation without the need too communicate or move. After 1 hour of training with Tranquilizer the machine is their new friend, and they sit calm in front of the monitor starring in it and try not to move the hand too much while moving the joystick and pressing the fire buttons.
The time is over when you came back home from work and your kids where going on your nerves, once you installed Tranquilizer on their computer they sit in their room and play their games without making any noise. And the best thing is your children get trained too be silent and calm in every situation.
Tranquilizer is the ideal product for everyone, imaging a world of peace and tranquility, kids which don’t run around all day and just speak when it is really necessary and if so they whisper.
Buy Tranquilizer now and receive a free copy of Intellectualizer a software which makes your kids smart while playing computer games, so helping your kids with the homework belongs to the past as well.
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Product Reviews

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Maria Caldas: " I was desperate, my son got kicked out of every school, he was so difficult to handle but now he seems like a normal kid, sometimes even too silent and introverted, but much better than the former opposite"

Claude Tinguly: "My kids were the hell screaming, fighting, arguing the full program everday, that's over now ..."

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